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Sarasvatī Namastubhyaṃ Varade Kāmarūpiṇī |
Vidyārambhaṃ Kariṣhyāmi Siddhirbhavatu Me Sadā ||


Pragyana, the belief that ‘The Divine is Everything’ aims at all-round spiritual development:

Pragyana, ‘Divine is Everything’ aims at the all-round spiritual development.

It is our custom to begin every academic year with a Pragyana activity. This academic year too began with Ganesha Homa on June 1.

On 03 July 2023, Guru Purnima was celebrated in our school. Students of class 9 presented a brief talk on some great gurus and sang bhajans in praise of them and took blessings of them.

On 17 July 2023 we had an orientation programme which was addressed by Sri Swami Sri Nirbhayananda Saraswati Maharaj. Swamiji enlightened the students that Vedas are the definite ways to excel in one’s life.

On 30th August our school students of classes 8, 9 and 10 visited  the Kote Anjaneya Swamy Temple, near fort, Ballari. The students took part fervently in the programme and chanted slokas, vishnushasranama stotra and the 5th chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita with lots of dedication and took the blessings of God Anjaneya

On 18 September 2023 we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi. The students made idols of eco-friendly ganesha, performed pooja in the school and took the blessings of Vigna Nivaraka.  Ganesh Nimarjan was a splendid ceremony in which the students and staff took part enthusiastically.

On 29 November 2023 we had another orientation programme by Sri Sri Sushreendra Theertha Swamiji who addressed the students and interpreted the essence in Gita, which describes about the ‘Renouncement of the fruits of labour’ which means that we should only lay emphasis on the performance of our work without expecting the desired result.

On Saturday 23 December 2023 we had been to Balaji Temple, Balaji Nagar, Ballari on the occasion of Vaikunta Ekadashi and chanted slokas and bhajans and took the blessings of God Venkateshwara.

A school is a temple where it is not confined to teaching academics alone but makes endeavours to sow spiritual consciousness among young ones. ‘PRAGYANA’ is the knowledge acquired by employing Stotras, Mantras, Prarthana, Bhajan, Dhyana and the Bhagavadgita chanting. With this sacred objective, at the dawn of 5 January 2024, our school celebrated Pragyana Morning on the occasion of Poojya Sri Swami Paramahansa Yogananda’s birth anniversary.

The Pragyana Wing, had organised competitions such as the singing devotional songs, chanting of Slokas, Ramaraksha Stotra, Hanuman Chalisa, Suprabhatam and Narration of a Mythological Story and Vedic chanting competitions for the students of 1 to X.


This ends our PRAGYANA report.







Prasthan, with the motto Ever Changing, Yet Immutable, is the wing of Dream World School that aims at the academic development of an individual.

 v On 26th August 2024, the school organised the ‘Prasthan Exhibition’, a Science Exhibition to showcase students’ talents and promote creative thinking skills for the students of Classes VI to IX. 59 models were selected and exhibited out of the total 109 models that took part in the process of evaluation.


v Our School had participated in the Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition, held at Bengaluru with two teams of two participants each with their models selected during the Prasthan Exhibition.  


v The Prasthan wing had organised various competitions like the sorting out objects, cursive writing, recitation, word building, quick calculation, poetry writing and recitation, sudoku, crossword to boost the academic endeavours of students from classes Nursery to IX.


We hope to come back with much more activities and accomplishments in the next academic year.

This ends our PRASTHAN report.





Saga 7, with the motto Temple to Flowering Knowledge is the name given to the Dream World School Library.

v As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in society. With this objective, SAGA7 has illumined the Readers Club with various set of activities to nourish the quality of reading among the young minds for a creative reading community.

v A “Book Exhibition” was organised on Wednesday, 28 June 2023. The special guest who inaugurated the Book Exhibition was Shri Havaldar Raghunath, a retired Kannada Teacher, who also inspired students with his valuable experiences with books.


v Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala Old Boy’s Association, Mysuru had organised a State Level Quiz competition in the schools of Karnataka. In Ballari, it had hosted the Quiz Competition and 17 students from Dream World School comprising 7 from Class X and 10 from Class 9 participated along with the other school student participants. Nagarchit Reddy B. and Vijrumbh bagged the first and second prize respectively in the Quiz Competition and Vijrumbh, had also participated in the next level Quiz organised in Mysuru. We are also glad to share that Dream World School was awarded with the Institution Prize for the best average score by its participants during the competition


v SAGA7 had also organised Competitions like the Solving Puzzles, Identifying of Objects, Word Building, Book Talk and Quiz for the students from classes Nursery to 9 as a part of the co-curricular activities.


This ends our Saga 7 report.



[DP] 2


[DP]2 – Dream Personality Development Programme wing says ‘Quality Counts’ in everything that an individual aspires to achieve.


v Personality development grooms an individual and helps develop the positive attitude in life. It plays an important role in developing not only the outer but also the inner self.  For this, it had organised competitions like the impromptu speaking, storytelling, role-play and acting, drama for the students from Classes Nursery to IX.

v Dream World believes in the practical approach of understanding the concepts. To fulfil this objective, we organised the ‘Field Trips’ for students of classes Nursery to 9, with two each in a term. Students are taken to visit nearby places based on the concepts in their curriculum in order to get the real learning experience.

v On 25 November 2023, CBSE in collaboration with Jeevitam had taken an initiative to sensitize teachers across the country on the basics of Financial Literacy and use of Digital Tools that are relevant in the current scenario. Mr Sagar Angadi, from the Motilal Ozwal, created an awareness among our teachers about the basic financial planning, how to avoid falling prey to phishing and cyber frauds, in order to help the educators stay updated  and guide the next generation regarding the same.

v On 2 December 2023, our school had organised a workshop for our teachers in the school campus, through the Oxford University Press on the Topic – Impactful Teaching Strategies. The resource person, Ms Roma Joshi was enthusiastic throughout the session in bringing out the best in our teachers, in order to get the best out of the young learners.   

v On 16 December 2023, Oxford University Press had organised a workshop on the topic Bloom’s Taxonomy and use of Technological Tools, at hotel Nakshatra for the teachers from various schools. 17 teachers from our school had participated with great zeal and were active throughout the session.       


   With the hope to come back with many more activities, 

this ends our [DP]2 report.







FSSA – Four Square Sports Association – with the objective ‘To Develop Professionalism’.


v We celebrated the 9th International Yoga Day, on the theme 'Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' through the ‘Yoga Training Programme’ for the students of classes VI to IX, under the able guidance of Mr Krishna Reddy, the Yoga Trainer.  

v Our school celebrated the 77th Independence Day on 15 August with great respect to our country. A combo of skit, songs and dance steps with the essence of multi-linguism was presented by the group of students which reminded us of our great heroes, filling us with patriotism. On the special occasion of Independence Day, our School girls Under 17, participated in the Inter-school March past at the District Stadium and secured the first place, and brought laurels to the school through the winning shield and certificates.

v We celebrated the National Sports Day on 29th August in our school as a tribute to the Indian legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.

v Our school Boys Football team comprising of players from classes 5 to 9 had participated in the Eighth State Level Under 16 Open School Soccer Championship Cup, organised by the Pupil Tree Academy and were appreciated with the participation certificates.

v Our school boys and girls under 14, 17 and 19 years had participated in various sports and games like Athletics, Football, Hockey under the CBSE Cluster VIII Tournament and were appreciated with the participation certificates. 

v Our school girls and boys under 19 hockey teams participated in the CBSE South Zone II Hockey Tournament held from 27th October to 30th October, at Basaveshwara International Public School, Bagalkote. The Girls Hockey team had secured the third place after staying unbeaten in three consecutive matches and were awarded with the certificates of appreciation.  

v On 28 January 2024, the Ballari District Athletic Association had organised the 19th Inter-District Junior Athletic Meet. 5 students from class 9 had participated and 3 of them got qualified for the Nationals at Ahmedabad.


v The most awaited FSSA Week was organized in our school from 22nd November to 16th December to build competitive team-spirit among students in various track and field events and team events including the traditional games for Classes Nursery to X.


This ends our FSSA Report.





KALAA, to showcase one’s talent, is a wing that attempts to encourage the talents in students and to nurture them.

v Every year, Foundation Centre I and II celebrate Festivals to encourage students to participate in a variety of activities so as to reveal and promote their hidden talents based on particular concepts of learning.


v 20 September 2023, during the Ganesh festival occasion, students, staff, parents, school alumni and well-wishers participated in the grand ‘Ganesha Nimajjana Utsav’ in our school campus, with music, dances and euphoric feeling all over in reverence to God Ganesha.


v On 1st November 2023, we celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava by hoisting the tricolour flag with reverence. The day was also marked with the most exciting ‘Cooking and Display’ competition on the theme ‘Millets’ for classes 7, 8 and 9, and uncooked dishes for classes 5 and 6. Students gained the blissful skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients for cooking, making it a cherishable moment for their lifetime.


v On 28 November 2023, the Department of Post office organised for Drawing and Painting competition on the theme ‘Postman as a Super Hero’. 10 students from our school participated and 4 of them were qualified for the second level of the competition with the theme ‘Heritage of Karnataka’.  

v On 13th January 2024, we had a combo of competitions - The Rangoli Competition for Classes I to IX and Fancy Dress Competition for Classes Nursery to U.Kg. On the same day we also organised the Fine-Arts Exhibition that displayed the colourful drawings, craftwork and paintings made by students from Classes 1 to 9.

v Kalaa had also organised for the competitions like colouring, pet show, plant treasure and museum contest to appreciate nature and its wonders. And today’s programme is the grand finale of all the activities under the wing, Kalaa.  


This ends our Kalaa report. 


We vow to come back with many more activities and achievements in the next academic year.






Dream World School students are grouped into four Houses, Cheetah, Puma, Panther and Jaguar. During each academic year we organize various competitions under the Six Wings. Students who win prizes in any competition contribute 4 points for the first place and 2 points for the second to their respective houses. At the end of the year, the house that accumulates the most points, is declared as the ‘Best House’ of the year.


Here is the points tally scored by the four houses for the current academic year:

v With 254 points, Jaguar House stands in the Fourth Place.

v With 258 points, Puma house stands in the Third Place.

v With 304 points, Panther House stands in the Second Place.

v And with 352 points, CHEETAH HOUSE stands in the First Place!